Contact Information

We have a great all volunteer board! Pat these folks on the back next time you see them. They put lots of hours into keeping our team running smoothly.

Feel free to contact any board member for more information regarding what their position entails. You can also download and read the SWAM board position descriptions to fully appreciate their service!


President:  Lyn Clark

Vice President: Andrea Elconin

Treasurer:  Shannon Titzel


Morning Reps:  Joleen White & Phil Hedges

Evening Reps:  Ben Harris & Carolyn Lyons

Board meetings are called when necessary. They are open to all members and announced in advance via announcements at practice and our Google Group e-mails. If issues on the agenda interest you, attend! If you can't make a meeting, talk to your morning or evening rep to make sure your thoughts and creative ideas are being shared.

COACHES:  Matt Williams and Signe Pignalberi

SWAM is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Download the SWAM Constitution and By-laws for more information.