SWAM History

This swim team was founded in 1984 by Jay Caldwwell as the the "Goose Lake Trout Swim Club." Goose Lake is a small lake next to the UAA campus where Jay used to hold annual triathlons. The Goose Lake Triathlon was famous for the "Caldwell bonuses" tossed into its middle. Sometimes Jay had the athletes perform 10 push-ups in the Goose Lake parking lot between laps of the run course -- much to the frustration of the participants but continually entertaining to the spectators. Original members of this team included George Stranksy, Daniel Blake, David Smith, and George Etsell.

In 1985 the group obtained the sponsorship of Sports West, an athletic store located in the Northway Mall. For that reason, the name of the group was changed to "Sports West Athletic Masters" -- or S.W.A.M.

SWAM is a 401(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Download the SWAM Constitution and By-laws for more information.

For an easier way to present the history of SWAM since its beginning, we list its major events by year below:

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