Practice Times

S.W.A.M. has multiple membership levels based on your desired number of swims per trimester. See the fee structure to the right.

Practice times for the fall trimester beginning September 1 are:

Weekday and Saturday practices are held at the Moseley Sports Center on the Alaska Pacific University (APU) campus.

Note that the APU Pool is a saltwater pool ... no chlorine!

Sunday practices will be held at the Wells Fargo Sports Complex on the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) campus beginning on September 10th.


You should be able to swim 200 yards (eight lengths of the APU pool) to join the team.

Unfamiliar with what you should and shouldn't do when swimming with a group? Read former SWAM coach Andrew Billings' concise treatise on "Lane Safety and Etiquette."

Thinking of  joining SWAM?  Come try a practice with us!  Your first one is free!

morning swimmers


It is an unpleasant duty of being on the SWAM Board of Directors to have to remind swimmers of rules. At this time, it is necessary to announce MINOR CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED ON DECK during practice. It is not appropriate to expect the coach to monitor their safety. Although it may be a low probability event, the risk of an accident is very high. Concern for injury aside, our insurance would NOT cover such an event. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Lyn Clark, President SWAM Board of Directors.

Make checks payable to SWAM. Trimester dues are payable on the first day of the month at the start of each trimester. A trimester is 4 months. The 4-month sessions are September 1 to December 31, January 1 to April 30, and May 1 to August 31. For your convenience, there is a fee collection box in the hallway leading to the Moseley Sports Center locker rooms.

All SWAMmers must be current members of U.S. Masters Swimming - USMS ($40.00 per year) for insurance purposes. The USMS application form is available at the Alaska Masters Swimming web site, in our New Swimmer Packet, or you can register on-line.